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The Liberty Ankle Support is a unique ankle product that incorporates the woven 4 way stretch fabric as a sleeve for the foot in combination with a ribbed elastic strap for circumferential compression and additional support. The stretch fabric sleeve provides compression and support for the foot arch and the ankle. The elastic strap is applied in a figure eight fashion around the ankle and under the foot for additional compression and support. While no brace can completely protect against injuries from cheer or dance, the Liberty Ankle Brace can limit the severity of a sprain. The brace also serves as a reminder the athlete may not be 100% when returning to activity during or following rehab.
Made in the USA!
Constructed of a revolutionary woven 4-way stretch fabric with soft ribbed elastic straps.
Breathable, comfortable to wear.
Available in black only with a touch of fashionable fluorescent lime trim.
Developed, tested and evaluated by a team of collegiate cheerleaders.
Sold as a single item.
Care Instructions:
Hand wash with cold water using mild soap. Rinse thoroughly then air dry.

The Liberty Ankle Support
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