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Cheers and Chants

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  • Title: varsity spirit
    Votes: 12
    Stop em Block em Shut em down 3x
    Date: February 11th 2021
  • Title: GO PANTHERS
    Votes: 6
    Venice beach high is for the win no one will stop our theme to the end P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S of V-EN-I-C-B-E-A-C-H this rawr is our war cry if you dare tob stop we have to say goodbye
    Date: January 20th 2021
  • Title: Move 'Em Back (Defense)
    Votes: 7
    Interception, quarterback sack, false start, move 'em on back!
    Date: January 11th 2021
  • Title: Rock Those Stands
    Votes: 8
    Hey, hey Longhorn fans Yell it out and rock those stands Yell Go Longhorns Go Go Longhorns Go
    Date: September 29th 2020
  • Title: Brr it's cold in here
    Votes: 6
    brr it's cold in here there must be some sharks in the atmosphere ohe ohe ohe ice ice ice break it down ohe ohe ohe ice ice Go Sharks
    Date: June 1st 2020
    Votes: 36
    Who rocks the house, I said the lions rock the house, and when the lions rock the house they rock it all the way down.
    Date: March 20th 2020
    Votes: 16
    Shaking in their cleats S-C-A-R-E-D we’ve got ‘em scared, shaking in their cleats.
    Date: March 20th 2020
  • Title: We are dynamite
    Votes: 31
    We are dynamite! the (Winning team) gonna win tonight! we are dynamite! so light that stick and start that fight! we are dynamite! get fired up and score all right! we are dynamite! (Winning team) gonna win tonight!
    Date: January 8th 2020
  • Title: get up, lets go
    Votes: 25
    Get up, get up, let's go.(Clap)(Circle your arms) Go! Go Mavericks. Go Mavericks Go!
    Date: December 29th 2019
  • Title: Red Team Chant
    Votes: 25
    Sliding down a waterfall landing on a cactus all the other teams have no practise we're strong we're good and we're hard to beat the only way to win is to cheat T-E-A-M R-E-D what does that spell? GO RED x3
    Date: November 28th 2019
  • Title: Red hot
    Votes: 27
    Where R-E-D red H-O-T hot you you can’t beat that team we got, red hot (2 claps) red hey (2 claps) were on fire red hot ssssss
    Date: November 12th 2019
  • Title: Coach
    Votes: 13
    GO, FIGHT, WIN. Lions fans in the stands yell, GO X GO X Lions fans in the stands yell, FIGHT X FIGHT X Lions fans in the stands yell, WIN X WIN X Lions fans in the stands yell, GO FIGHT WIN X GO FIGHT WIN
    Date: November 7th 2019
  • Title: Heat
    Votes: 11
    Chase lets go, alright alright,”times 2. Burn baby, burn baby, heat, heat, heat “Repeat 3 times”
    Date: November 1st 2019
  • Title: crank it up
    Votes: 17
    crank it up, now start it up and get that mustang spirit up yell, beat those bucks beat beat those bucks
    Date: October 24th 2019
  • Title: get up
    Votes: 20
    get up get up let's go, go mustangs go
    Date: October 23rd 2019
  • Title: Go ! Go!
    Votes: 25
    Go! Go! ADS Go! Get the ball and show them how we roll show them how we roll
    Date: October 22nd 2019
  • Title: k
    Votes: 40
    we have spirt
    Date: October 12th 2019
  • Title: GO BIG GREEN
    Votes: 22
    go big green go go big green gooo (is the first ripple) go big green go big green big(is the second ripple) go big green go big green green (is the last ripple) go big green (everyone together)
    Date: October 11th 2019
  • Title: WMS
    Votes: 27
    shoot that ball shoot shoot that ball aye aye , shoot that ball shoot shoot that ball BOOM, (stomps) aye aye, (stomps) BOOM
    Date: October 8th 2019
  • Title: our chant
    Votes: 12
    tradition continues the wildcats are back. claws are out(2,3,4,5) Step back or get scratched! Best in the state and we own the throne blue, gold, and white (Hit,hit,hit) We always stay strong. Stronger than ever, like never befor (dip) the crown will roar. W-I-L-D cats (clap) lexington
    Date: October 3rd 2019
  • Title: Lets get physical
    Votes: 32
    Lets get physical, get down get rough get get mean(Say what now)Lets get physical and roll right over that team GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Date: September 30th 2019
  • Title: Best of the best
    Votes: 28
    (Team Name) the Best of the Best. Here to shine, from now till the end. We’ve done it before we’ll do it again
    Date: September 27th 2019
  • Title: Triple A
    Votes: 29
    A-t-t-a-c-k the wolves are back A-t-t-a-c-k to lead the pack a-t-t-a-c-k attack attack attack (move hips in circular motion)
    Date: September 24th 2019
  • Title: Dinamite
    Votes: 24
    5678 the wolf’s are dinamite I said the wolves are dinamite and when you mess with dinamite it goes tic tic tic tic boom dinamite I said baboom dinamite
    Date: September 24th 2019
  • Title: Orange Blue and a little White
    Votes: 23
    Orange Blue and a little White, MHS is OUTTA SIGHT
    Date: September 24th 2019
  • Title: Take it to the top
    Votes: 16
    We're fired up We're sizzling We can't be stop, Not So come on mighty Wildcats and lets take it to the top Alright !!!!! 2X's
    Date: September 20th 2019
  • Title: Let's Go Let's Go
    Votes: 10
    C-H-S Lets's go C-H-S Let's Go C-H-S Wildcats are here let's go lets Go 2 X's
    Date: September 20th 2019
  • Title: Let's do it again
    Votes: 14
    Jam Jam Fight Fight let's do it all night. Get Em boys Get boys . Hay !!! lets do it again jam jam fight fight WOOOOO let's do it all night Get Em boys Get Em boys hayyy Lets do it again lets do it again
    Date: September 20th 2019
  • Title: co-captain
    Votes: 18
    F-I-G-HT, (school name and mascot) fight
    Date: September 18th 2019
  • Title: Heat!
    Votes: 14
    Turning up the h-eat nighthawks can't be beat!
    Date: September 15th 2019
  • Title: lets go
    Votes: 13
    L-E-T-S-G-O lets go nighthawks lets go!
    Date: September 15th 2019
  • Title: Twice as Sassy
    Votes: 16
    A, B, C, D, E, F, G, TO H, I, G, K, L, M, N, O, P, Twice as Sasssy, TEAM UP... (with hands in the middle)
    Date: September 15th 2019
  • Title: Victory for the patriots
    Votes: 15
    victory for the patriots yell it victory for the patriots vic-tory vic-tory vict-ory
    Date: September 11th 2019
  • Title: hold that line
    Votes: 9
    Hold that line *clap* defense hold that line *high kick*
    Date: September 11th 2019
  • Title: Let's Go Wildcats
    Votes: 17
    Here we go Black and gold Let's Go Wildcats
    Date: September 6th 2019
  • Title: Go fight win
    Votes: 23
    the was a little froggy siting on loggy cheering for the other team who had no sense at all fell into the water bumped his little head and when he came back up again this is what he said he said go go go, go you mighty eagles fight fight fight, fight you mighty eagles win win win, win you mighty eagles go fight win and do it all again
    Date: September 6th 2019
  • Title: Blow You Away
    Votes: 28
    Hey Hey you, Get out of the way, Cause today's the day that we blow you away (blow kiss to other crowd)
    Date: August 31st 2019
  • Title: Step Back
    Votes: 15
    Step Back, Take Notes , We'll take the show and run, forget all the other clap clap we're number 1
    Date: August 22nd 2019
  • Title: Hold That Line (Football)
    Votes: 29
    Hold that line Don't let them through Hit them hard white and blue
    Date: August 15th 2019
  • Title: Go Indians Go
    Votes: 22
    Go Go G-o ( nod ) Go ( Punch down to the left) Indians ( pull up right arm like you with a bow and arrow) Go ( right arm is in the air and left hand is on hip)
    Date: August 6th 2019
  • Title: victory!!!
    Votes: 24
    you split that v u run that i i twist that ctory
    Date: August 5th 2019
  • Title: Go Cardinals
    Votes: 17
    Come on crowd, let me hear you roar! As we powerful Cardinals soar!
    Date: August 3rd 2019
  • Title: Porkchop
    Votes: 31
    Porkchop! Porkchop! Greasy, Greasy! We’re gonna beat ya easy, easy!
    Date: July 30th 2019
  • Title: Peaches & Cream
    Votes: 27
    Peaches, Peaches, Peaches and Cream. What’s the matter with the other team? Nothin, nothin, nothin at all. They just can’t play football.
    Date: July 30th 2019
  • Title: Whatever
    Votes: 35
    Eagles are the best! Noone can do it better! And if you don't believe us, then pffff WHATEVER!!!!!
    Date: July 30th 2019
  • Title: P-L-A-Y
    Votes: 22
    Date: July 15th 2019
  • Title: Win it tonight
    Votes: 30
    Lancer fans! Get up from the ground. We are cheerleaders yell and shout. go blue -clap- white -clap- blue -clap- white -clap- win it tonight -clap- go lancers -clap- go lancers -clap- let’s go lancers -clap- We’re blue and white -clap 2x-we’re blue and white -clap2x- FIGHT FIGHT TONIGHT!
    Date: July 4th 2019
  • Title: #1 Cheer For The Black Team
    Votes: 18
    C-H-E-E-R we're the best, yes we are. Go (Mascot)
    Date: June 23rd 2019
  • Title: Lighten up
    Votes: 25
    Lighten up, brighten up, sparkle and shine! We’kk get ya, you bet ya, we do it all the time
    Date: June 18th 2019
  • Title: Hey All you Spartan Fans
    Votes: 40
    Heyy all you spartan fans let me hear you clap your hand (Clap clap clap clap clap clap 2x) now that you got the beat let me hear you stomp your feet (stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp 2x) now that you got the groove let me see your body move (ahowa ah ah ahowa ah ah) 3x
    Date: June 7th 2019