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Cheers and Chants

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  • Title: We are the lions
    Votes: 39
    (*=clap) maroon *gold and white*. WIN WIN TONIGHT we are the lions ** the lions ** (3x)
    Date: December 19th 2018
  • Title: Turn On the Radio
    Votes: 42
    Turn on the radio, what do you hear (Team Name Team Name) that's our cheer, We are gonna beat them, bust them, that's our custom. Gooooo Team name
    Date: November 7th 2018
  • Title: Dynamite
    Votes: 111
    Boom dynamite, Boom dynamite , we gonna tick tick tick tick tick tick blow like dynamite
    Date: July 19th 2018
  • Title: If you like it
    Votes: 86
    If you like it, say go big red——-GO BIG RED! (Repeat 3x)
    Date: July 13th 2018
  • Title: pink panthers
    Votes: 80
    how to yell the pink panthers
    Date: July 11th 2018
  • Title: We are Terriers
    Votes: 65
    We are terriers, we do our best and win the fest, you can't put us down you can't beat us now. We are Terriers and we are warriors
    Date: July 10th 2018
  • Title: heart in to it
    Votes: 67
    Come on (team) you can do it if you put your heart in to it.. ouuuu ahhh ouuu ahhh
    Date: June 28th 2018
  • Title: Go, fight, and win!
    Votes: 74
    Go go go Go wildcats Fight fight fight Fight wildcats Win win win Win wildcats Go, fight, and win!
    Date: June 27th 2018
  • Title: Hey Ok
    Votes: 63
    Hey Ok If That’s How You Want To Play Then Play The Warrior Way. Ok!(X3)
    Date: June 26th 2018
  • Title: Envious
    Votes: 84
    Who's that tryna step to us(stomp 2x) We know you're envious The mighty dogs have one the game. (other teams name) your team is lame. we can tell by how you look the mighty dogs have got you shook. So step back, you cant compete,dogs comin' through, have several seats
    Date: June 25th 2018
  • Title: Super
    Votes: 74
    S is for super U is for unique P is for perfect, cause you know we`re sweet E is for enthusastic R is for rats so you rats better stand back
    Date: June 23rd 2018
  • Title: Eagles are gonna win
    Votes: 65
    Date: June 1st 2018
  • Title: Victory
    Votes: 84
    Split the v, dot the I, curve the c t o r y, victory (clapx3), victory ( clapx3)
    Date: May 27th 2018
  • Title: Knights
    Votes: 61
    Who rocks the house tonight, the (team name) rocks the house and when the (team name) rocks the house house, they rock it all the way down
    Date: May 27th 2018
  • Title: We Are the wolves
    Votes: 60
    We are the wolves. And we are proud. We are not quiet. Cause we are loud. We come from Webster to do our best. And we are better than all the rest. We are the wolves
    Date: May 27th 2018
  • Title: Hey! Hey Panthers!
    Votes: 46
    Hey! Hey Panthers! Here we are! Here we are! Ready to attack and Win this Game! We aren't scared! We aren't afraid! So come on! Come on! Give us your best shot!
    Date: May 24th 2018
  • Title: Orange and Black
    Votes: 80
    Hey,Hey! What do you say? Orange and Black!
    Date: May 22nd 2018
  • Title: GO WOLVES
    Votes: 55
    Fight fight! Red blue white! Go... WOLVES.
    Date: May 20th 2018
  • Title: Mulan
    Votes: 64
    Let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns!
    Date: May 20th 2018
  • Title: Achs
    Votes: 52
    Black silver fight fight fight fight jags, black silver fight fight fight fight jags. (Repeat)
    Date: May 13th 2018
  • Title: do it fire it up
    Votes: 61
    d o i t do it fired up
    Date: May 12th 2018
  • Title: We are the mighty golden eagle
    Votes: 42
    We are the mighty golden eagles. What team do we cheer for. Mauston. Go golden eagles you guys know your stuff and never give up.
    Date: May 11th 2018
  • Title: banna split
    Votes: 48
    banna split banna split pill it to the left pll it to the right pill it down the middle and ohh take a bite.
    Date: May 11th 2018
  • Title: M.H.S
    Votes: 40
    M.M.M to the H H.H.H to the S M to The H H to The S MHS
    Date: May 8th 2018
  • Title: huskies
    Votes: 36
    Power we´ve got it! P-O-W-E-R x3
    Date: April 30th 2018
  • Title: Super Great
    Votes: 54
    S-U-P-E-R! Super! Super! That's what we are! G-R-E-A-T! Super Great! That's what we rate! (2x)
    Date: April 29th 2018
  • Title: diamonds
    Votes: 37
    hey yeah you know us were the diamonds we beat yall today today is ourrr victoryy go diamonds go we will rock out the team name so diamond is here.
    Date: April 27th 2018
  • Title: Tried and True
    Votes: 42
    I'm a fan tried and true I'm a fan, how 'bout you Say it loud, say it proud Go Bucs Go Go Bucs Go (repeat)
    Date: April 24th 2018
  • Title: Fans
    Votes: 44
    Hey fans in the stands when we say (teamname) you say play (teamname) play (teamname) play when we call our hands you stomp your feet (clapx2) (stompx2) (clapx2) ( stompx2) when we say we will you say win we will (win) we will (win)
    Date: April 19th 2018
  • Title: Dynamite
    Votes: 41
    Were dynamite were dynamite were D-y-n-a-m-i-t-e were dynamite were dynamite were tick tock tick tock Boom, what was that? Boom one more time booom
    Date: April 19th 2018
  • Title: Wolf Pack
    Votes: 41
    We are the wolves (team name) the mighty mighty wolves (team name)! We're in it to win it we'll fight til we get it. We say orange you say black orange black lets go pack (repeat last sentence x2 or x3)
    Date: April 18th 2018
  • Title: sorry!
    Votes: 35
    sorry how we blew you away! sorry how we saved the day ! sorry how we won! sorry how you lost! sorry how we knocked they're socks off SORRY!
    Date: April 17th 2018
  • Title: Shoot
    Votes: 31
    Shoot it shoot it win it win it dribble it dribble or if pass it pass it lets make a basket
    Date: April 15th 2018
  • Title: Go Green!
    Votes: 45
    Go green go green vote for us as winning team
    Date: April 7th 2018
  • Title: TIGERS!!!
    Votes: 51
    We will chew you up and spit you out because that’s what tigers are all about! Goooooo TIGERS
    Date: April 5th 2018
  • Title: What?
    Votes: 43
    What is their name? Their name is great! What is their name? They are the (team name)! What do they do? They dribble the ball pass it off and shoot in the hoop! Who are they (team name)who are they (team name) who are they? (Team name) woo!!
    Date: April 5th 2018
  • Title: Pancakes
    Votes: 37
    We are the Sasabo pancakes yum yum yum yum we are the Sasabo pancakes win win win win we are the Sasabo pancakes yum yum win win we are the Sasabo pancakes and we will win
    Date: April 5th 2018
  • Title: Shoot
    Votes: 27
    Shoot it shoot it, win it win it, dribble it dribble it, pass it pass it, let's make a basket
    Date: April 5th 2018
  • Title: mighty knights
    Votes: 21
    go go mighty nights rock the house tonight I said go go mighty knights rock the house tonight so win again go go mighty nights ROCK THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!
    Date: April 3rd 2018
  • Title: Loser cheer (just for fun)
    Votes: 49
    Whos winning? Not you! N-O-T space Y-O-U!!! Go (teamname)!!!!!!
    Date: April 1st 2018
  • Title: We will rock you
    Votes: 46
    We will, we will, rock you down, shake you up. Like a volcano, ready to erupt. We are the (team name) here to stay, we will rock you any old day!
    Date: March 31st 2018
  • Title: Parent sponsor
    Votes: 32
    Hope watermelons Texas cactus..we think your team needs alittle practice.. puttem in a highchair feed em with a spoon roll em up in toilet paper kick them to the moon
    Date: March 30th 2018
  • Title: hey
    Votes: 35
    hey! hey! what do you say? let's get fired up. I want a touchdown. lemonade. firecracker. turn around we are the rebels. now let's win that touchdown.
    Date: March 29th 2018
  • Title: Cheerleader
    Votes: 28
    i said let’s go, falcons, let’s go, falcons. Cmon and give it a try. Cmon and give it a try. Said let’s get moving, let’s get grooving, intensify. Intensify
    Date: March 27th 2018
  • Title: Blue and white
    Votes: 36
    Yell out our colors now Blue and white (Repeat 3 times)
    Date: March 27th 2018
  • Title: don't Stop get it get it
    Votes: 30
    don"t stop get it get it don"t stop get it get it don't stop get it get it don"t stop rock with it
    Date: March 20th 2018
  • Title: hornets are here to fight
    Votes: 24
    Beware Hornets are here to fight (clap) (clap) (clap)
    Date: March 19th 2018
  • Title: back again
    Votes: 31
    day to day we'll always win, bobcats are back again x2
    Date: March 18th 2018
  • Title: I said brr.
    Votes: 45
    I said brr it''s cold out here. There must be some {team name } in the atmosphere. { repeat first two sentences x2}. Ice Ice Ice
    Date: March 12th 2018
  • Title: our territory
    Votes: 48
    hay hay you yah you know the stories tell the whole wide world this our territory!
    Date: March 10th 2018