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We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Simply Email Us... and remember to include a picture of your team in their Cheerleading Company uniform if available so we can include them in our scrapbook and attach to your letter.

Bayshore Cheerleaders, NY

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Royal Kings Cheerleading - Laredo , TX

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Cherry Cheerleaders from Moscow, Russia

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Zion Cheer Girls

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KPC and VSM Cheerleaders - Sweden

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Special Olympics Gold Medal

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Denton Calvary Varsity Cheerleaders

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Got Pink???

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TRUTH Cheer, Dallas, TX

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Thanks for all your constant support and fabulous customer service!!

West Side Dolphins

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Lynbrook Cheerleading Club

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NRC Tigers, Norway

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Warhawks Cheerleaders
El Paso, Texas

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Community Braves Youth

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I attached a picture of the girls from last year at one of the competitions they won....they won ALL but one national competition where they placed 6th out of 23!! We were really proud!! Just to show you how cute those uniforms looked ON!! :-)

Cheer Core Academy

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Hi, Shawna! I was so surprised when our uniforms came in this week! Then, I opened the box and I seriously almost cried, they are so BEAUTIFUL! I could not believe the quality and it was so quick! NEVER have we had a nicer or prettier uniform! AND, we have never had so much at such a good price! I can't wait to see the looks on the girls' faces when they see them! We will definitely be using Cheerleading Company in the years to come. Thanks SO MUCH for all your help! I really appreciate it!

Rachel R.
Asbury Youth Cheerleading
We are NDS Cheerleaders from Dominican Republic, Notre Dame School.
Thank you very much for your help, the uniforms are awesome!

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Greetings! I just wanted to give some positive feedback about my experience with your services. I wrote and asked if I could get five shells and skirts as soon as possible here in Anchorage, AK for a show we are doing. I immediately heard back from Shawna Russell, and I mean FAST. She helped me out so efficiently and it was so easy to place my order. Our outfits arrived last night without any fuss at all, they look PERFECT. I work in the retail industry, and too often people complain about service. I just wanted to take the time to really thank you and give some kind words, and I will definitely be referring your services to anyone if needed! Thanks again to Shawna!


Cameron M.
Anchorage, AK
I wanted to take the time to write a review. Often times, people do not take the time to write a positive review - they will only write the negative ones. This is a positive review.

I placed an order with your company and an item was on back order. Dee J. emailed me to let me know about the item and when I will be receiving it. In her email she actually had an email where I could write back to her with some additional questions. She was able to answer my questions and exceed my expectations and is a true asset to your company.

I will share my experience with Cheerleading Coach and recommend that we ALWAYS use your company for our school's needs. Thank you Dee for your wonderful Customer Service.

D Turner
“Move in Dourges" Cheerleading Association
Dourges, France.

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Jaspers Cheerleaders
Nagano Ken, Japan

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Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your help. We received the uniforms today and all the girls loved them! They are perfect! Exactly what we anticipated.

So Once again Thank you.

We most likely will be ordering more from you in the future.

-Chelsea F
Eagles Cheerleaders
Carson Graham Secondary School
British Columbia, Canada

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Just wanted to thank you very much for the quality of your products and how pleased I was to receive my items so quickly!! My granddaughter will be thrilled with her cheer necklace and makeup bag! I will not hesitate to recommend your company for their future cheer leading needs!!!

Jill S.
Kennewick, WA
We finally had a game with all of our cheerleaders present and accounted for! It was freezing and they were c-r-a-z-y! LOL!

You've been awesome Tracie. Thank you so much for all of your help this season.

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As you can see we have received our uniforms and they all fit great! Thanks again for everythig!!


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Like I promised here are some photos of the girls with the poms & ribbons in their hair. Thanks again for your help in our order.

Melissa E.

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Kay Watts is absolutely amazing! We have made two uniform
orders and two purchase orders with subsidy money through her and have
had nothing but a great experience. She came out to our school at a
time that was best for us, she sized the girls and put the order in
immediately. She keeps us informed on the status of shipments and any
other deals/specials that are going on through the company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Thanks again you guys ROCK!!!!
Nancy and Missy

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Cheerleading Company is a dream come true. Customer service was delightful and accommodating, deliveries were speedy and convenient, turn around time is probably the BEST in the business, and as you can see, the finishing product was quite satisfying. My girls look phenomenal and have been the talk of youth football/cheer in Los Angeles. Thank you so much Courtney A. I appreciate your customer service and look forward to doing business with this company for years to come!

Nation Titans
Snoop Youth Football League (Los Angeles)

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TRUTH Cheer, Dallas Squad

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Vous m'aviez demandГѓВ© de vous envoyer une photo de notre ГѓВ©quipe, cela fait plusieurs mois maintenant et je dois avouer que ГѓВ§a m'ГѓВ©tait un peu sorti de la tГѓВЄte...
Mais comme promis, voici une photo de nous en ГѓВ©quipement de pompom girl !
Encore merci pour tout, c'ГѓВ©tait trГѓВЁs rГѓВ©ussi et tout le monde nous a complimentГѓВ© sur nos magnifiques tenues !

Bien Гѓ  vous,

Virginie M.
Saint Georges, Belgium

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The Cheerleading Company was wonderful and fast. Ordered * pompons (standard in stock colors) on a Saturday with regular shipping and that them in my hands the following Thursday Morning. They shipped fro Texas to Minnesota. I would Recommend the Cheerleading Company to anyone looking for cheerleading or dance line items.

Thank you,

Leila P
North Mesquite High School - JV Squad

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I'm Jill and I come from Belguim. I was a exchange student 2 years ago in Illinois.

Two month ago I came to visit my host family. I had ordered 12 uniforms and I told them we were supposed to get a box while I was there but.. I forgot to told them what I ordered exactly. So they tought I just sent some Belgium chocolot or gift. A week or two before I arrived somebody from the compagny called my host dad asking about some Pom pom 's colour. He didnt understand and canceled my ordred thinking its was a hacker.

Why am I telling you this ? Simply because we had a wonderfull experience with the compagny then .. When we realized I couldnt have bring my uniforms back with me in time , we immediatly called you and explain our story. They totaly understood our misunderstanding and in 4/5 days we got everything. What help me a lot because I was leaving two days later.

I'd like to say thank you one more time. I've never met poeple that nice. You have a wonderfull team. SO thank you so much.

I sent you some pictures of me and our team. I wanted to put them on your website but I didnt find the way to do it I'm sorry.

Have a wonderfull day !

Jill S

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Ultimate Spirit Tigers Cheerleading – France

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Picture 1: Nidaros Nixies Junior Elite

Picture 2: Nidaros Nixies Senior Elite

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Phoenix Cheerleaders
Nagano City, Japan

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Asane Seahawks Cheer

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Jaguars Cheerleaders
Alvin, Texas

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North Iowa Community School
Buffalo Center, IA

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Mr. Evans,

I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss with you my experiences with your company. In particular, Marisa P. and Jennifer C.

When I first called your company, I had been dealing with one of your competitors for many years and it was always a reorder so this was our first year buying all new uniforms. I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Marisa was super patient with me, explained everything to me, took my picture that I made online and made it happen. She was always super friendly, very professional, educated and remarkably helpful. Her customer service is what got you my $14,000 order.

I had spoken with 3 other companies, and did not receive the help or support like I did with her. She is a great asset to your company and I would do whatever I could to keep her as an employee. She would be great at showing new employees how to exceed at amazing customer service.

As you already know, there was a HUGE problem with our pom order. Thank you for your help in getting that resolved. During this ordeal I worked with Jennifer C. She was fabulous! I was to say the least, a bit freaked out, worried I had made a mistake by not getting my poms from your competitor and was worried I would not have poms to start my season. She was very calm under pressure, and put my mind at total ease. She worked with the other company to get me a sample FAST, didn't tell me I was crazy and there was nothing wrong with them, then found out the real problem and got it fixed. All the while, she stayed in constant communication with me so I wouldn't feel unsure, offered multiple ways to resolve the problem, worked tirelessly, all the time still being constantly friendly, professional and made me feel like she really had my back. She also has amazing customer service skills and is a true asset to your company.

I have worked in business for 25 years, concentrating my business consulting job on customer service. I would be honored to have these ladies work for me. They truly are very, very good at what they do. So many businesses today take customers for granted and do not value how important customer service is. Obviously you recognize the importance or you would not have these wonderful ladies in your employ.

Thank you again for a tremendous experience. With customer service like this, we will be customers for a very long time.

Go Wolves,
Eastlake Junior Cheer Coach
Erika D.
Knights Cheerleaders
Orange Park, Florida

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Karen, we really enjoyed your prompt and professional attitude you displayed. I am very confident we made the best business decision in selecting your company! I trust your suggestions, so the pom handle selection works for me also. Thank you so much, and I look forward to a building a great relationship.

Ft. Worth, TX

I hope that this can be forwarded to your are outstanding to work with. you are a pleasure to talk to and very customer oriented. I am so excited to have had you as my rep this year with all of the horrible experiences we had last year (with another company) I was so stressed out at the prospect of dealing with another cheer company this year.

you have made this a painless experience and I am truly honored to be bringing our business back to you next year.

thank you for a job well done.

Heather M
Good Afternoon Ladies,

I am assisting our cheer director in ordering uniforms. When I called your company I had the pleasure of getting Marisa. She has gone above and beyond in assisting me in our order. She answered all my questions with a smile. Being a start up league, this was a wonderful experience. All sales/customer service people should take a lesson from Marisa. I have been completely satisfied with our order and all she has done for us. Thank you for hiring someone who is a joy to work with. Give that lady a paid day off !!

Looking forward to doing more business with Cheerleading Company and most of all Marisa P.


Michelle M.
Point Pleasant DEVILS American youth football & cheer
Thank you so much, Shawna for a job well done. You have made a customer for life out the Houston Power Squad. Keep up the good work and make it a great day!

Liz Heck
Houston, TX

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Vampires Cheerleaders
Ilfov, Romania

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Hi Ashley,

The girls won FIRST PLACE in their category plus the judges trophy!!!
Thank you soooo much for helping us with the uniforms, they looked beautiful!
We owe everything to you for dealing with such a big group.

Thank you Ashley, we love you!

Most Sincerely,
Rita H.

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The Desoto Dolphins Cheerleaders Team wanted to send special thanks to everyone we came in contact with at the Cheerleading Company. Our uniforms are very nice and we look good in them from head to toe. A BIG thanks to Karen Jackson, Tracie O'Neil and Jennifer Cronin they provided excellent customer service. We have created a partnership and will continue to use the company. Thanks you'll are the best.

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I have just become the Cheerleading Coach for Middle College High School in Los Angeles, California (Go Cougars!). I didn’t get much information from the last coach, so I had to re-invent the wheel. I had actually just gone online and typed in cheerleading uniforms and of course a lot of companies popped up. I looked at their online catalogs, as I did with, but the other companies prices were quite a bit higher. From the first phone call to, the representative answered all of my questions and then gave me her name and extension, so I could call if I had more questions. When it came to placing the order, I called again and explained that I was not sure about all of the paperwork. The representative told me to fax her as much information as I had and she would work with me. When I left her a voicemail, to tell her I was faxing the order in, she was out and I got a response from another wonderful person. I responded to her and the next morning got an email from someone else. >From one person to the next, all the details remained and nothing fell through the cracks. Oh my God! This has been a wonderful experience, the Customer Service I received from everyone was just amazing! I am going to recommend this company to any school or organization that needs uniforms or accessories.

I love Cheerleading.Company!

Cheryl Dennis

Cheerleading Coach,

Middle College High School, Los Angeles

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Kelly S.
Ravens Cheerleaders
Northern Ireland

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Amy sent me these pictures today and stated they absolutely love their uniforms.

McKinney Bulldogs

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Kirsten, here is the photo with the uniforms.

Again thank you so much for all your help and time....

G-K Broncos Cheerleading
Genoa, IL

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The fundraiser went very well. The parents loved it. It was nothing to sell and it was easy. I had parents finished within 2 days, and asked me for another card. We love them. We raised over $1000.00. We will be ordering some more this week. Thanks for asking.

We had a blast with our fundraising cards, The customize covers made it more cute, and easy to promote. Thanks again.


I just wanted to let you know that I received the uniforms today. I was so surprised and impressed to see the girls' names printed on each of their pieces. What a nice touch. My daughter tried hers on and it fit great.....I am sure the others will too. Thank you for such being such a professional and following up with me at every corner. My first experience ordering uniforms has been a pleasant one because of you... and the quality company you work with.

Thank you.
Kelly Gill
Rancho Christian School
Temecula, CA

Hi Marty,

I just wanted to send a BIG thank you for all your patience and work with our cheer uniforms. I handed them out today at practice and everyone loved them!!! The girls look great and the uniforms are just exactly what we wanted.

All the best to you. Until next year… Thanks again.

Susan Phillips
Denton Calvary Academy

Lansdowne Shooting Stars

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I received Deysia's uniform, and it is AWESOME!! Not only did you guys meet my expectations, but you by far exceeded them! The quality of the uniform is exceptional for the price, and it looks absolutely amazing!!! I felt like a little girl when I opened the box! I was jumping up and down and squealing like a teenager! All of my cheerleaders absolutely love the uniform and can't wait to get the rest of them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything! I will continue to do business with for the rest of my coaching days! I will recommend you guys to everyone (even though I would love to keep you a secret!)

Thanks again for EVERYTHING that you did for our team! Hopefully we will win the competition again this year! If we don't win , we will definitely be the best dressed there! I promise that we will take a team picture to send to you! is absolutely the best that I've ever dealt with!!

Caroline Perry
Northside Elementary
Elizabeth City, NC
Rika Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan

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Thanks for the great service this season.

LaToya H.
Dallas Blaze All-Star Cheer

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Here are some pictures of my squads. We are very happy with our Cheerleading Company uniforms and wanted to share these pictures with you.

Please feel free to use them on your website or brochure. Thank you for excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and eye catching, quality uniforms! My girls look FABULOUS!!

Tracie O.
Dr. John Horn High School
Mesquite, TX

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"We had an excellent experience with Cheerleading Company. Our fittings were in March, and I was able to introduce the new squad in their quality uniforms during a pep rally in May. The fittings and ordering of uniforms was made so easy by our representative, Kay. I would definitely recommend Cheerleading Company to any squad sponsor."

-Jolie M.
Walsh Middle School
Round Rock, TX

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Panhandle All-Star Cheer Team aka P.A.C.T

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Thanks so much for the adorable uniforms! We are beyond pleased with the way they turned out and the service we received. I'd especially like to thank Ashley Martinez for her help through the whole process! She was fantastic! A special shout out to Vanessa and Shawna as well for their extra efforts! We will be repeat customers. Go patriots!

Thanks again, Mrs. Lori Maldonado
Adams Hill Elem. Cheerleaders
"When it seems hard to keep giving of your time, remember you are making a difference in the life of a child."

Click on Image to see full size

Thank you very much. You have been so helpful and even the people I talked to on the phone were very pleasant and extremely helpful. You guys are great! We will keep coming to your company for uniforms in the future. Thanks again.

Marissa Luke
Camanche Middle School, NC
Maul High School Cheerleaders 2009

Everyone thinks that they look great!

Thanks again for everything!

Maui High School
Varsity Cheer Coach

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Good Morning Sean -

Again, I thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I has been a real pleasure dealing with you and your company. I realize I am not your "largest" customer, but I was given the feeling that I was. I look forward to my delivery on Friday.

Have a wonderful day and thank you again!


I just wanted to thank you all for getting our uniforms to us so quickly. Please thank Sean as well because he called me to let me know production finished early. I am so pleased with your company!! If I continue to have influence in the future, we will use your company for a third time!! You have made a lot of people happy today. Thank you so much.

Blessings to all,
Cheerleading Coach in North Carolina

I just wanted to send out three cheers to some of the most helpful and nice staff that you have there at CHEERLEADING.COMPANY. Kirsten Peterson, Ashley Martinez, Amy Jackson, and Sue Richardson in customer service have all been super helpful and friendly. Most of our shipment arrived in less than a week, and the quality of the merchandise was great. We have not received our custom uniforms yet, but I am sure we will be pleased with them as well. Your prices are very reasonable, too. We were able to get so much more for our money than we ever got from Varsity. I don't think we will be going back to them. I am sold on your company and I'll share my experience with other cheer coaches in our area. Thanks again!

Linda Comer
South Haven Elementary
Cheerleader Sponsor

My name is Shelby Ah Wah and I am the Maui High School Cheerleading Coach.
I would like to this time to let you know how wonderful it was working with Shawna Russell. She provided me with the best services no matter what happened. Wheter it was changing the uniform design, number of girls, providing seperate estimates for JV and Varsity, whatever I needed she did it!. Because of the time difference (I'm in Hawaii) we emailed a lot and I new that if I email her after hours that I could count on a response first thing in the morning.

I really appreciate the help that Shawna provided me, it was like talking to a friend which made chosing uniforms a lot nicer!

Shelby Ah Wah
Maui High School
Cheer Coach
Dear Marty,

Often times Supervisors do not hear any news from customers unless it is a complaint. I wanted to take the time to do quite the opposite. I have been working with Shawna Russell since late February on the purchase of new cheerleading uniforms for our organization, Tyngsboro Youth Football and Cheerleading. We are a local, non-profit organization without huge resources and finding a quality uniform at an affordable price has been a challenge. I have been incredibly impressed with Shawna's sales and customer service and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her over the last several months.

Throughout the entire process Shawna has been incredibly responsive, knowledgable and professional. She has quided me through this process, one I was completely unfamiliar with, and made it a rewarding and painless experience. Our organization is thrilled with both the quality and the look of the new uniforms and everyone is excited to them off when our new season begins in late August. Everyone at the Cheerleading Company that I have dealt with has displayed great customer service skills and for that I thank you.

Having been a customer service manager in the past myself I realize what a challenge it can pose to maintain such a consistent and high quality level of service. The Cheerleading Company has proven that it can be accomplished - with a smile, congratulations!!

Thank You,
Karen Roderick, Apparel Coordinator
Tyngsboro Youth Football and Cheerleading
Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for your reply. The order arrived on schedule and some very happy girls headed off to cheer camp two days ago.

We have been very impressed with your company, both with the available inventory and the customer service, and we will remember to use you in the future.


Karen McCuistion
I recently recieved an order for two uniforms for my daughters and they absolutely loved them. I wanted them to have great quality uniforms they would be able to have forever and maybe pass on to their daughters and that is exactly what I got. Thank you. The service was great and the quality of your products is excellent. I love that they are made in the USA and that your sales agents are so helpful and professional. Thanks again.

Araceli Pena
Duarte, CA
Hi Laura,

I just wanted to let you know that the uniforms arrived on-time and the girls are very happy with them. I appreciate all the work you did to get the order in before our competition and how flexible and accommodating you and your manager were regarding our needs. Thank you so much. Dealing with kind, reasonable and professional people like yourselves is always a relief and a pleasure.


Stephanie Scott
My girls are so happy we are ordering from your company! They went crazy picking out their uniform! We finally came to the decision of the TOTAL CHEER PAX! They can’t wait to put on their uniforms. My cousin is having a derby party in May and they said that they wanted us to come and perform! Your prices are the most reasonable! I even had enough money to buy three EXTRA megaphones! You have done the best job! My girls now know their sizes thanks to your resourceful website! Thanks again! Hope I will do business with you again!

- Savannah Martinez
You Have A Great Staff That Is Always Polite And Nice. I Ordered Some Things From You This Past Year And Your Staff Was Always So Helpful, And Very Punctual At Answering My Questions. They Never Left Me On Hold For Very Long. I Admire That About Your Company. Keep Up The Good Work. Thank You So Much.

Danielle Delaney
New Kensington, PA

Sparkles Cheerleaders
Flying FAC, France

Click on Image to see full size
Perfect, Shawna. Thank you so much. So far, everyone at Cheerleading Company has been fabulous to work with. I am so very pleased with the way you do business. I’ll never order from another company again!


Debbie Duffey
Gross Pointe Woods, MI

Thank you for once again making my team look awsome!
On friday we are opening the High School Musical 3 premiere and on saturday its competition day so the uniform will be well used this weekend! I'v attached a picture for you!

You will hear from us soon!

Eva :)
Fenstad, Norway

Click on Image to see full size
Hi Shawna !

Thank you for your mail. All the uniforms are in fantastic shape and look as new. The opening night of the musical "High School Musical" has now passed and the the show is running for full houses.

Once again thank you for your fantastic help and service. I tell everyone about The Cheerleading Company how impressed I'm about the service and shipping. Everything was handled so professional. Even the small tags in the garments with the girls name are impressing!!!

Shawna, once again thank you.

Marianne Lunderquist
Costume Designer

Click on Image to see full size

I was a great pleasure to work with you and your company. I have to say, it was a great delight to have everything handled so professionally and promptly. In the past, I have worked with others who really did not have the time or courtesy to help the customer. Thank you for everything this season. We are not in need of anything at this time, but I will be in contact with you in the spring of 09 to add the new cheerleaders to the squad for next season. We have all been extremely pleased with both the uniforms and you and your staff. Thanks again.

Elizabeth Tinker
Marietta, Georgia
Hello Shawna!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU so much!! We've now received our entire order of 31 Total Cheer Pax (including shoe exchanges). I am absolutely impressed and amazed with how quickly everything was processed and shipped!! The girls (and moms) are all very excited about their uniforms and cheer goodies!!

Thanks again!

Trang N.
Garden Grove, CA


So it's been a while to get pictures, but now I have them everywhere! OMG! I love the uniforms, as do everyone else! We're placing another order soon for another batch and 'pink' poms! You all are the best! The quality of these uniforms for the price is second to none! All my life I always had Varsity - really it's too much $$$! You all are great, and my girls were shocked when they came in a week early! We love you, the company, and everyone who put these together! My girls look so 'fly'! My girls just cheered in front of 1600 people at the Convention Center, I have a whole squad picture...I'll get it to you soon!



Click on Image to see full size
Dear Shawna and,

We would like to express our gratitude towards you and your company. We are really excited about our new uniforms and warm ups. Shawna, thank you so much for the service in which you have provided us and thanks to the company for gorgeous uniforms and fast delivery! It was also really nice to meet you in February and we are looking forward to the next time! We will definitely order from you several times.


Nedre Romerike CheerleadersпїЅ Tigers, Norway

Click on Image to see full size
Thank you so much for offering quality at a much lower price. The uniforms that we ordered from your company recently fit perfectly, and cost a third of what it would have cost us anywhere else. PLUS, we got all the extras by ordering the PAX. Our squad looks great and will now be ready to CHEER our team to victory in STYLE. Thanks again!!

Tammy Linder
Allardt Elementary

Hi Shawna,

I would like to thank you and your company for all your help and for the fantastic cheerleaders outfits, which I ordered for the production "High School Musical". They look very nice. All arrived on astimated time.

Today all the girls tried on their outfits and they looked absolutely fantastic. The fit was great and even all the shoes fitted!!!! I'm very impressed with your work. I have to thank you again and hope to sometime this fall after our photo session for the program in September I can send you a picture with the girls from our musical.

Just a little note to let you know that everything arrived and is GREAT.

Best Regards,

Marianne L.

Hi Shawna,

What a wonderful surprise I got this morning when I received the delivery of my poms.

I didn't expect to get them so promptly, the service was amazing!!

Thank you so much, the color is just awesome and to receive them in such a short time for an international order - I am amazed.

Please pass on my gratitude to your company and employees.

Kerryn Brimmer
KLD X-Treme All Star Cheerleading & Dance
Victoria, Australia

You have the Best On-Line Order Form / check out process!!

User friendly, goof proof.

Lynne Russell

HI THERE! I recently bought 300 royal blue rooter poms poms on a budget (I’m a parent volunteer for a children’s cancer group). The box arrived in less than a week, the items were well-packaged, and I’m very satisfied with the pom poms’ durability and looks! These are PERFECT for the kids on treatment, their siblings, and supporters to cheer on our group’s Boston Marathon runners this Monday, April 21!

Keep up the good work and quality!

Maria Sansalone

Once again you have done a fabulous job. I wanted to thank you for all the effort you have put into my orders. With one simple call, i was able to give you the new team members measurements and you had everything else in our file. And you had no problem sending everything to yet another address. This years uniforms match last years uniforms, and look great. We got everything in three weeks. Swapping shoes was no problem, and everything was dealt with with one phone call. Thank you so much. I could not have gotten this done in Australia at all, never mind at such a reasonable price. I look forward to using you again.

Thank you so much,
Tonda Zimmerman
Dear Shawna & the Cheerleading Company.

Thank you so much for the awesome uniforms you guys made for us. They
look and feel awesome, and wherever we go in them, people stop and
look at us in awe. Everyone loves the uniforms, especially the people
we perform in front of.
The service we received was top notch; always quick replies, and
always the answers we were looking for.
So thanks again, for doing business with us!

Ine H. Digernes

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Dear Cheerleading Company!

Thank you for our stunning pee wee and senior uniforms!
We went to Nationals yesterday and our squad has never looked better!
And even better, we had the best competition ever, our junior squad became Norwegian Champions in the junior mixed category, got silver in group stunt and our senior squad got third! Pee Wee's performance was outstanding and they looked soooo cute in theyr little uniforms!
Thank you for great service and great prices, we will for sure order from you again, after all, our squad are growing every day! I have attached some pictures for you.

Thank you for making us look outstanding!!!

Super Crew Lakers - Norway

Click on Image to see full size
Everyone at Cheerleading company has been so helpful, and the quality of the uniforms are excellent. We have been receiving so many compliments on the uniforms. I will continue to use your company and recommend your company to others.
Thanks again!
Cherita Shellar

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the Mahar Senator Cheerleading Squad. We love our uniforms so much. We have gotten so many compliments and we are proud to wear them every game. Thank you so much.

Hannah Powers
Captain of the Mahar Senators

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Thank you so much for your great service and communication! I appreciate doing business with such a customer focused organization and will be sure to recommend you to other coaches and parents!

Hi Shawna!!!

Thanks for everything. This will (probably) be the last time I order from you as I am no longer coaching. It has been a great ride for me but it was time to take a step back and concentrate on my family. I have been very impressed with your company and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to everyone in the cheer world here in Europe and at home in America. Thanks for working with me!

Gretchen Tucker
Ramstein American High School
Hey Shawna!

Here's the pic of our American Cheerleading University's team. We went to Washington State University(WSU) to perform with 200 other cheerleaders from all over Washington state. The cheerleader in the middle is a WSU cheerleader and the Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week( and my daughter, Jesica!

Thanks for everything!

Dj Calkins


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I just wanted to pass along what a pleasant shopping experience I had with several of your sales associates by phone to compliment my online ordering process. They were informative and so pleasant.
(I was amazed by the lack of interest of a few other companies I contacted about ordering quantities of 12 for a cheer banquet regarding shipping time.) You guys are the best!!!
Your service was outstanding! I will be back to order more as a satisfied customer!
Have a great weekend!
Sherrell Smith
Julie Dafler
Island All Stars

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Hi Marty!

We wanted to thank you for all your help with our order.
We got the order a while back and never got a chance to thank you.

Be sure, that based on our experience, we will not hesitate to refer others to your company!

Once again, thank you very much!
Alona for
Sepia Photo Studio
Hi Ms. Cronin!

I am the director of East Buncombe Youth Cheerleading and a Cheerleading Company customer. I ordered new uniforms from your company when I took on the director’s position in 2005, ordered camp wear from local companies last year and then decided to go with ordering everything from your company this year. While there have been a few minor glitches within the order fulfillment process this year, those have been overshadowed by the outstanding customer service I have received through Aubrey Hornung.

She has been a pleasure to work with and has really gone the extra mile to make sure that my needs are met. She has responded to my emails and telephone calls in an amiable and timely fashion. She has gone out of her way to make up for the errors that were made, making sure I received acceptable product, all the while being especially considerate of my deadlines. Her exceptional customer service, coupled with the great quality of your products, guarantee that I will be a repeat customer.

Aubrey is an asset to your company and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Best regards,
Cindy Green
East Buncombe Youth Cheerleading

Believe me, we appreciate the courteous and prompt service we have received from your company. It’s nice to know there is a company willing to give such intense customer service at the height of the season.


Pamela Capps
Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Inc.
Good morning Sean,

Thank you for taking care of this for me. We were able to get the poms sent to a business friend who will bring them over to us. We live in Australia. Cheerleading has only been going on here for 5 years. Thats right, 5 years. It is impossible to get any uniforms here for under $300 and there are no poms to be found at all. I cannot put into words how excited the Australian girls were when we introduced your web site to them. We have used you in the past for our american teams. Everyone has been a pleasure to work with, and made an international order very easy. Thank you for all the time and care everyone has put in.

Tonda Zimmerman
Thanks so much Erika. You and your colleagues have been so helpful. I have never had such good customer service. If possible, I have another order for APAX 1 that I need to be updated on. The briefs and socks were shipped and due to arrive today, but I have not heard anything about the poms and wanted to see if you know anything in regards to that order. I would really appreciate it.

Del Mar High School in California.

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I have to say that being with an organization for such a long time and dealing with the same uniform company each year, I was a little reluctant to change. I found the prices at to be very competitive. Shawna Russell is our sales representative and she is wonderful. She has made our experience hassle free and I can not thank her enough for that. The uniforms that were designed for us, the numerous quotes and last minutes add on's were just the icing on the cake. Shawna could not have been more friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I thank you and my team thanks you for making this year a smoother organized year for us. I have told every team I know about this company and will continue to bring them business as long as I'm the coach for the Klein Derrick Dolls.

Starla Tessitore,

Klein Derrick Dolls

I was so pleased!! I ordered the wrong color in a body wrap for my daughter. I saw what I had done within minutes of hitting send on my computer. I called your 1800 as soon as I saw my error. On the other end was the nicest lady I have talked to in months, she was kind and helpful!! I will be pleased to order from your company again!!
Thank you.
The Grove City Little Eagle Cheerleaders would like to personally say a huge "Thank You" to Marty & Shawna for all of their hard work and dedication for helping our squads out. The Fit-Kit worked great!! Thanks so Much Ladies!!!

Thanks again to both of you! You will be hearing from me soon, (in the next week or two) with our order for shoes, uniforms, & poms.

Janette Wike (Coach)
Grove City Little Eagle Cheerleaders
Tsukuba All Star Cheer, Japan

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I just wanted to share a little something with you and with the rest of the cheerleading company staff. I have been dealing with a lot of companys over the last couple of weeks. I have to say that the Cheerleading co staff and customer service has been the best one yet. You all have been very professional and kind to me and done everything to make this process go smoothly. Being a cheerleading coach is fun but stress full so anything anyone can do to help that process go smoother has 2 thumbs up in my book. Please pass this on to the rep ( I believe her name is Erika) that took the original order and to anyone else that has helped me.

Cheerleading company rocks and I will be bringing you more business in the future.

Thanks again

Keri Dyke
MDCV Junior High


Thank you so much for everything really!!!! We look forward to using you guys next year and expect several more orders like mine from other teams. We have given out your catalog and told our teams about the wonderful service we got and the great prices and they are excited. Thank you again

Starla Tessitore
Klein Derrick Dolls
Hi Erika,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you. We received our order on Friday and everything is amazing. The bags are incredible. Hoping to do another order for our new members in a few months so will be in touch soon.
You guys did a great job, and it was a pleasure to order with (despite the slight money transfer problems), we will be using you again.

Kind Regards,

Liz Knight
Reading Belles Kit Manager
Thanks for your assistance Shawna. Very professional. I enjoy doing business with Cheerleading Company because of the quality of customer service I've received this past year.

Kindest Regards,
Debi Shimmin
The shirts just arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for all of your help and patience. Your company is always a pleasure to work with.

Sandy Staup
Mt. Calvary Lutheran School, Diamond Bar, CA.
Thank you for the reply Shawna.

Please pass on that I have noticed, your company has GREAT costumer service!!
It makes me feel worth something to you, which makes me want to do business with you!

Have an UNordinary day
Hello Shawna and Lara and Jessie.....

Wow! What can I say! I was really surprised to receive everything at the same time!!! I thought it was just the pompns that were arriving!!! You guys are really the tops!!
I'm going to surprise the team at practice on Friday!!
Thank you! Thank you and thank you again!!
I'll be sure to send you photographs of your first French team!!!!!

(and all at Bordeaux Elite)

Thank you so much! Your service is absolutely outstanding!!
Hopefully we will have many more opportunities to do business with you!!


Tokyo, Japan
Wow, wow, wow!!! Talk about service. I received my overnight order in less then 24 hours! Your service rep was so helpful and pleasant. Thanks so much!! We will definitely be back!!:-)

Dawn Reid
Panama City Beach, FL.
I have been intending to write this letter for a long time. We got our uniforms at the beginning of our competition season and they are FABULOUS!! All of our girls loved them, and you would not believe how just wearing their GREAT uniforms changed their confidence level. It was truly amazing what change occurred over night, at their first competition (the weekend they got their uniforms) they got first in cheer and dance and they received GRAND CHAMPIONS!!! They have been on a winning streak ever since.

We are now getting ready to order our Pee-Wee team uniforms this week and we are confident that we will get the same impeccable service for this order that we got on the last. Thanks so much!!! Cheers!!

Nicole Pipher
Powerhouse Athletics, Business Manager


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I just want to tell you how wonderful it is to work with your company. I called yesterday looking for the tab handle poms, but I was too late to get them in time for our cheerleading clinic because of the holiday season. The person I spoke with helped me to figure out which poms I could get faster and I ordered in stock poms yesterday and they are already on a UPS truck on their way to me, so now I have plenty of time to modify the rooter poms to work for my clinic. Thank you!

Jenny Carritt

We recieved our pants the day before our parade. I want to thank you and your company for all of your hard work in getting our pants here on time. Your company is great and reliable. I look foward to doing business with again in the future.

Demetta Reeves-Smith
E J King High School
Sasebo, Japan
Just to let you know that everyone loves the uniforms that I ordered from ya'll. My Cheerleaders are so proud of them and love them. Thanx to everyone that helped me with ordering the uniforms and megaphones, ya'll are so nice and very helpful. Last night we had our first game and I had so many people coming up to me telling me how pretty the uniforms were. I have to say I am proud!!!!!

Tabernacle Christian School in Monroe, North Carolina
Cheerleaders & Coach

*Cheerleading Company can customize skirt lengths at no extra charge!

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To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from your company. I ordered some backpacks online and needed them by the end of the week. I thought I was going to have to pay more for faster delivery, but to my suprise the shipment came to my door within 4 days from when I placed the order. Thank you so much for the expedited service. I will always come back to for my cheerleading needs! Thanks!! Brenda Garcia Head Coach for PAL Hawks Cheerleading
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! I am excited to hear our order has shipped. Your company has GREAT service! I will be placing another custom order for bags in a day or two.
Thanks again for your quick response!

>Good afternoon Terri,
>Thank you for your order with Cheerleading Company! We appreciate your
>business. We do not carry any in-stock metallic poms, and custom
>metallic poms are currently running 3-5 business days production time plus shipping.
>I show that your order was shipped via UPS on 8/31 and is scheduled for
>delivery on 9/7. Your UPS Tracking number is 1Z 773 377 03 xxxx xxx 2
>You may further track your order's shipping status by visiting
>, or by calling 1-800-PICK UPS (742-5877).
>Please let us know if you have any other questions.
>Thank you again for choosing Cheerleading Company and have a great day!
Questions/Comments: 8-05-2006
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. Every time I have bought anything from your company, you have been extremely helpful, fast, and I actually received the sizes that I ordered. I appreciate it even more after dealing with terrible service from one of your competitors - I have received wrong sizes on two different items and had incorrect charges (I most definitely won't be buying anything from them ever again). Thanks again for the great service, and I will make sure I buy from you guys from now on!
Hi Erika,

Loved the custom copy of our uniform! Wow! You sure got it to me quickly as well as my receipt. Now I collect my funds quickly from the other parents. Thanks so much for the lightening fast follow thru! Can’t wait to see my daughter and the other 5th grade girls in them! You’ve been so terrific to work with and I really appreciate your patience and all your help. I’ve been singing your praises to the other parents and teachers at our school. If the rest of our ordering experience goes even half as smoothly, I will be one happy camper!

In just a few short days I received our first shipment from you. Our sizes were just as ordered, and I am extremely pleased with the fabric quality and the workmanship of each and every product. Everything was securely packaged; even our plastic waterbottles were individually wrapped with care. I couldn't be more pleased!

Thanks so Much!

Heidi Dennison, 2006 Charger's Cheerleading Sponser/Coach, Nashville Tennessee.

Everything looks fine! Thank you again. Your company always has the friendliest staff and the fastest service. It's very hard to find a company with excellent quality products,friedly staff,great service, and fast shipment. Your company has all of that and I really appreciate it. I have told a lot of people about how great the service is. Thank you very much!
Dear Stephanie,

Last night we had our end of year Belles party. We showed several slide shows of our girls and their performances during the last year. There were several comments on how our uniforms made us look as good/professional as a college team!

Our new year begins in two weeks. Several of the mother's asked what we were going to do for uniforms next year, since this year's uniforms looked so great. One mother even said, "I don't know how we could top last year's uniform!" I told them that whatever we did, we would definitely use the Cheerleading Company!!! I can't tell you how much we appreciated all of your hard work this last year. You were so helpful when it came to ordering uniforms, poms, shoes and all of the basics!!! You made the whole process so easy, even with all of the difficult questions we had!

Here are a few pictures of our team, so you can see what we mean!!!

Thanks again, Stephanie!
Sherlee Love

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Dear Staff thank you for processing my order SO FAST i had my shoes within 7 days in Germany!!! THANK YOU Jenny
Hi Aubrey-
I just got the bags and WOW, they are awesome. The girls are going to absolutely love them!! Thank you for your super fast and wonderful customer service. This is the fastest I’ve ever gotten custom cheer stuff. I am so amazed!! You are the best and I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Thanks again,


Hi Stephanie!
I'm Sabrina from Italy.
The poms are fantastic!!!!!!!
Thank you very much....
Have a nice day...
Hi Erika!

We have now performed at Grönalund, the largest amusement place in Sweden, in Your outfits!

You said a long time ago that you wanted me to send some photos of us!

I'm going to send you more photos on the actual performance later, but here are some for you in beforehand!



Click on Image to see full size

Once again, your company has far exceeded my expectations. You guys deliver everything quickly and you have worked to get uniforms done in the published amount of time on a regular basis. It is so nice to find a company that can get a uniform to me within a few weeks--especially with a new All Star gym that has new kids joining all of the time. Everyone is friendly and I have never had any problems getting exactly what I have needed. I will continue to order from you guys. Thanks for everything!

Please feel free to use my comments in any way you like.

Jenny Rowe
The EDGE Cheer Center
Hi Laura!

We have received our uniforms and poms and they are fantastic! Exactly
what we wanted! Thank you so much for all of your help! The only thing
we have to worry about now is polishing the routine and the weather!

We wanted to ask if it would be ok to put a link on our website to your website as we really think that other squads in the UK ought to be told how fantastic you are! Friendly, fast, efficient and great value! If you could let us know if this would be ok then I'll get to it.

Thank you so much!

Katie (and Laura!)

Click on Image to see full size
Great thank you! It has been a great pleasure working with this company. The service that I have received has been impeccable.

Absolutely I agree to allow you to post my message! I received the package yesterday (just like I was told) and I am delighted with the products as well as the service I received. Thank you

I am not part of the football league here in Key West, I am just a parent but I am going to suggest that the league look into your company next year for their purchases. I understand that the company that they are and have been dealing with is not living up to their expectations. That is why I decided to use your company and I am so very glad I did!

Heather D. Henson

Had to write and let you know that the girls really liked the uniforms! I
am soooooo relieved. The moms seemed to like them too. We have some
pretty picky people here and I was so afraid they weren't going to like the
new colors and styles. I can breathe again!

I'm sending check for the 55 Accessory Pax #4. I hope you saved the e-mail
giving details on colors, sizes, etc. Let me know. How quickly can we get
them once paid for?

Judith Ann Baronio
Treasurer/West Pittsburgh Youth Football Association
Here are some pictures of my squads. We are very happy with our
Cheerleading Company uniforms and wanted to share these pictures with you.
Please feel free to use them on your website or brochure. Thank you for
excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and eye catching, quality
uniforms! My girls look FABULOUS!!

Tracie Hansard
Dr. John Horn High School
Business Department & Cheerleader Sponsor

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Dear Sirs,

Thank you for all your help on our uniforms. I am pleased to say that we came in 1st Place in Cheer, 1st Place in Pyramid, 1st Place in Dance and the overall Championship in the Youth Division. We received the highest scores in appearance.

Thank you again for going above and beyond to help us out.
Cheer on!

Bee Sanchez
The Comets
Roswell, NM

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Dear Mr. Hazlewood:

Often a company will only get feedback from customers who are not satisfied with the products or services that have been delivered. It is my pleasure to write this letter to you. Please accept our biggest sincerest "thank you" for making us look so good! Your products really do represent quality at its very best.

We, at Churchland Primary and Intermediate School in Portsmouth, Virginia are so pleased with the products that we have received from the Cheerleading Company this past year. From the summer camp wear to the performance/practice poms to the performance uniforms, we couldn't have asked for more high-quality products!

Let me first tell you about the t-shirts. They were worn during our 2003 two-week summer camp and every Wednesday thereafter for the entire school year. According to my calculations, each squad member wore and washed her t-shirt close to 50 times. To this day, they show no signs of fading. They are as vibrant as the day we received them. The only reason we're purchasing new t-shirts is because we have new squad members and we want a change for this year's camp and the upcoming school year.

The performance uniforms are simply fabulous to say the least! I was concerned about having an out -of-state company make uniforms for my squad, but I have nothing to complain about. Your staff was blissfully helpful in assisting me with my orders. In addition to being reasonably priced, the sizes were manufactured to perfection with quality materials. I love the way the uniforms stay in place while my squad performs. They never wrinkle and they are so very washable! Our performance uniforms have seen a lot of audiences this year, and they still look brand spanking new! My squad, though primary & intermediate, performs on a different level when they put on their uniforms. They feel good in them and they look stunning all dressed up in their royal blue, white and silver. They look good enough to be on the cover of your catalog!

On behalf of The Prancing Thoroughbreds of Churchland Primary and Intermediate School, thank you again for making us look so dog gone great!!!!

Carolyn A. D.
Squad Director for
The Prancing Thoroughbreds

Click on Image to see full size

THANK YOU for processing our recent online order!!! Your team did a FABULOUS job of correctly filling our order and sending it to us ASAP! We are very pleased with the service you provided and are looking forward to working with you in the future!


Dean & Shirley Love
The Y.O.U.T.H., INC. Cougar cheerleaders would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Stephanie Cook for all of the hard work and extra effort she put in to ensuring we received our cheerleading uniforms in a timely matter. Stephanie's customer service was outstanding to say the least. When I call her and expressed to her the problems I was having with my cheerleading parents she did all she could to ensure that I did not have the same problems with your company. I felt bad sometimes when I called because I knew I was calling an absorbent amount of times. Nevertheless Stephanie never became rude or agitated even if I asked her the same thing twice. As a matter of fact I even hung and called back within minutes to ask additional questions. Yet her professionalism never wavered. I would like to THANK her for that because some days after dealing with the cheerleading parents talking to Stephanie made my day. Even on the times I called and did not get Stephanie your entire customer service representative staff were courteous and able to answer all of my questions.

My hat is off to you for having such a wonderful staff of customer server representatives whose goal is to make the customer happy. I promise that as long as I am cheerleader coordinator we will be using Cheerleading Co. for all of our cheerleading needs.

Forever grateful,

A. E. Hopkins
Cheerleader Coordinator
YOUTH INC., N.E. Austin Cougars
Dear Marty,

On behalf of the Holly Pond Wee Wee Cheerleaders and their parents I would like to thank you very much for all your help. I called with a lot of questions before actually placing our order and you answered each and every one of them without hesitation.

This is my third year to order from the Cheerleading Company and would recomment it to any squad. We have three different squads in our Youth program at Holly Pond and this year all theree are ordering from your company. The other two squads have seen the quality of our uniforms for the past two years and decided to have the same quality for themselves.

Again I would like to express our thanks to you and the Cheerleading Company for great quality and excellent customer service.

Attached is a copy of our order I placed with you last week. Just a reminder we need the uniforms no later than August 1, 2004.

Thank you,
Holly Pond Wee Wee Sponsor
My name is Pamela Joseph, I'm the captain for the Brookhaven College Cheerleading Squad and I want to say that we have been dealing with you all for the past 3 years and these particular uniforms are by far the best ones ever! We are very happy with the way these uniforms came out! A big thanks to Mrs. Marty Adams and the whole staff for being very cooperative and helpful to me with customer pick-ups etc. A huge thanks to Mrs. Kay Giese for always being there for anything that we need her for she's great! I recently released some pictures to her so your company has them now we would love to see them on your site! And we are going to be ordering more uniforms.

Pictures to follow soon.

Thank you for your quick response to our order! We ordered uniforms from your company last year because we were in a hurry and you seemed to be the fastest company, but I am very glad that we chose your company for other reasons too. We received nothing but compliments on the uniforms. Thank you for the great customer service. We look forward to getting the shipment when it is ready.


Dear Marty,
ÂÂ ГѓвЂљГ‚ ГѓвЂљГ‚ ГѓвЂљГ‚ Thank you very much for all your help. Please keep the order for the uniforms. I will have new girls joining each year and I will need to order 5-10 maybe more each year. Thanks also for being so patient on the phone with the relay and others that helped with our communication. I appreciate you very much.

Thanks, thanks and many thanks,
Coach V. Mitchell
Dear Cheerleading Company,
First of all, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for providing us with great looking uniforms and for getting them to us quickly. They were greatly needed and we really appreciate your efforts to get them to us. Thank you once again.

Marsing Cheerleading Squad.
Cheerleading Company,
I just want you to know what a wonderful job you are doing. You have worked very hard making sure I get the products I want and getting them to me on time. I will definately keep your company in mind when I need other cheer items.

Have a great day!

J Peregoy
Kill Devil Hills NC
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your outstanding customer service! Due to some unfortunate circumstances and delays, my girls were not going to have uniforms until after their competitions. However, I found Cheerleading Company online and saw the quick shipping time. I called to get some help on the size chart and the woman who helped me, Susanne at extension 246 was so extremely helpful! She not only helped me with sizes, unfiroms, and all my questions, but she helped me order a sample set to size my girls and when I called back again later, she was even more helpful.

I haven't worked with Cheerleading Company before, but I can definatly tell you, after the amazing help I've received and how many worried girls were relieved, we wil definately be working with you again in the future! Thank you so much for your help, and a special thanks to Susanne for putting up with all my questions!!!

K. Wildner
Coach Margaret Bell Miller 7 and 8 grade Cheerleading Squad
Waynesburg, PA
Just wanted to thank you for such quick service. I called Friday to order shirts that I needed by this Thursday (oops!) - not only was the person I talked to polite and helpful, but sincerely cheerful. I receieved my shirts today and the order is perfect!!

Thanks again,

Coach Yvette.
Port St. John FL
I just wanted to thank you for a meticulously constructed, quality uniform! The turnaround time and the workmanship exceeded my expectations (and I have very high expectations!). Now lets just hope the Caps make it to the playoffs! Thanks again.

K. Yoshida
Ashburn, VA
Fall, 2002
Plano, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

I cannot recommend The Cheerleading Company enough! They have provided the Plano Sports Authority cheerleading program with uniforms for 2 years now. They did the uniforms for 276 one year to well over 300 girls this year in a VERY (3 weeks) timely manner. Their selection is great, their prices are fantastic and the quality is on par or actually above what you would get using those "name" brand major uniform suppliers. The customer service is superb - Marty has been fantastic to work with. The Cheerleading Company is highly regarded by our coaches, the cheerleading board and more importantly, the girls who wear the uniforms (and their families). Thanks Cheerleading Company! Keep up the good work and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

Janet Bin
PSA Cheerleading

Click on Image to see full size
Dear Sue:

I just wanted to write and say thank you for all the Cheerleading Company’s staff has done for me this year. I am the Cheerleading Director for a Jr. Pro program in Burns, TN with 57 girls ranging in age from 5-12. In years past we have purchased material and had someone sew the uniforms. This became a very difficult task due to the lack of individuals that sew these days and also that the material cost had escalated to $10.00/yard with the additional cost of trim at $3.95/yard.

Therefore, through much careful consideration, we decided to purchase the uniforms this year. I was so nervous, there were so many companies out there to choose from and so many options that I had a hard time deciding where to order from. I was concerned about sizes, styles and cost. That’s when I found the Cheerleading Company. You helped me through the process reassuring through each step, making suggestions and helping me with sizes.

I love the Value Pak program, it gave me the choices that I needed and they came ready to wear right out of the box. In addition, when I received the uniforms a week prior to my expectation. Out of all 57 girls, I had on two uniforms that did not fit. Once again, I placed an order and was told 5 weeks for delivery and received them in 3 weeks, I was ecstatic!!

In recent weeks we have begun to play our games, I asked the Director of another squad where they ordered their uniforms from because they looked really sharp and low and behold they also came from the Cheerleading Company. She sang the praises as well.

I am now ready to order the matching turtlenecks and I know that I can do it without hesitation. I have been treated with kindness and respect for my business through the team members at Cheerleading Company and hope to do business with you for years to come.

Denise Braddy
Cheerleading Director
Burns Jr. Pro

P.S. Another Director called me recently to see if I could assist her in locating some material for her uniforms as they had “run outâ€В. She told me that next year they would be ordering uniforms and without hesitation, I told her call the Cheerleading Company.








Dear Rod and Mandy,

Thank you so much for all of your help. Ya'll made it possible for my uniforms to be ready and with such a short notice. Less than 2 weeks!!!!! ya'll really came through for me and my girls. My girls had such confidence walking into our November 10th competion. THey walked away with the 6 foot tall Overall Spirit Award. Thank you!

A. Billiot
Waggaman Fighting Tigers
Cheerleading Coach
This is their second year cheering and they have found cheerleading to be a very positive avenue for themselves and it gives them an opportunity to show both their athletic and creative talents in our community building way.

One of our aims is that the students become stronger and more skilled which will encourage participating in having cheerleaders camp in Bermuda once we attend a Camp this summer and in the colleges they eventually choose to attend.

These cheerleaders have helped to build school spirit.

CedarBridge Academy, Bermuda

Click on Image to see full size
Cheers From West Midlands, England

Hi Stephanie,

Great news! We managed to raise the customs duties required for the delivery of our new uniforms after just a few car washes! We did really well and received them a few weeks ago.

We all love the uniforms! I am so pleased with them.

Today was our first public performance wearing them and we looked fab!! We were invited to perform at a Fun Day for May Day and we all really enjoyed it. The crowd were really impressed too!

We would all like to thank you so much for everything you have done.
The uniforms look amazing! We can't wait to attend our next competition now.

I have attached some photographs from the day, I hope you like them.

Many Thanks,

With love from JWS GEMS!!!

Click on Image to see full size
I just wanted to take a moment to give your company and Kay Watts a huge Thank You! I have sponsored cheer and dance for many years and I have never had such a great experience when ordering uniforms! Kay came and took all measurements and sizes in about one hour---totally amazing! She contacted the design people and they emailed me a color copy of our uniform within two hours. I was contacted by someone in the office to let me know of items that were back ordered. Our items started shipping the following week! Our shells/skirts arrived exactly when they were supposed to! The uniforms look fabulous---well made and perfect colors. I will definitely be recommending your company and products to other sponsors!

Again, THANK YOU to all those who helped with the Poteet Junior High orde! r! I appreciate you all!


Ms. Christi Mills
Poteet Middle School, TX
Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your help. We received the uniforms today and all the girls loved them! They are perfect! Exactly what we anticipated.

So Once again Thank you.

We most likely will be ordering more from you in the future.

-Chelsea F
Eagles Cheerleaders
Carson Graham Secondary School
British Columbia, Canada

Click on Image to see full size