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Step 1: Color and Style Choices

Choose your uniform style and color placements. Need a quick quote or free color swatches to confirm your colors? Call us today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form. We are standing by to assist you! Be sure to use our convenient interactive catalog and design tool to see our uniforms in your team colors!

Step 2: Fit Your Team - Sizing Made EASY!

There are two ways to size your team:

  • 1. Order one of our convenient Fit Kits.
  • 2. If you do not have time for a Fit Kit, you can measure your team members and fit them into our size charts.


Please click here for our easy measuring instructions and how-to videos!


Does your league or team purchase uniforms and loan or rent them to team members each season?
If so, you may want to order standard sizes (youth small, youth medium, youth large, etc.).
Click here to see our ORDERING BY STANDARD SIZES section.

In a hurry? See our In Stock Uniforms, which are also available in standard sizes.


Looking for a local rep to fit your team?
If you are in Texas or Oklahoma, we may have a local rep in your area who can fit your team in person! Click here to use our Rep Finder tool. If you are not in an area serviced by one of our local reps, our Fit Kits are a great option for sizing! On our Fit Kit page, you will find online how-to videos for sizing with our fit kits!

Step 3: Give us a Shout!

Send us your sizes, final style and color choices, and payment; we will do the rest! Simply call us today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form.

Remember that we cannot begin your order until we have styles, color placement, measurements and payment information.

Step 4: RELAX!

Just know that you are in good hands with our professional and courteous sales representatives. We "speak" cheer and dance and understand and appreciate what it's like to be a coach or sponsor. Many of our staff members are former or current coaches/sponsors/cheerleaders. We are here to help you every step of the way!

Fit Kits


Looking for the best way to fit your team? Try one of our Cheer Fit Kits! For a small deposit, you will receive garments in a range of sizes which will allow you to inspect the actual fit and quality of our uniforms. With our Cheer Fit Kits, your team members are able to actually try on the uniforms to determine the best fit!

Follow these easy steps:

  • 1. Choose your uniform style. Click here to view all of our great uniform options!
  • 2. Give us a call today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form to check availability and to order your Cheer Fit Kits. A $200.00 refundable deposit is required per Cheer Fit Kit, which will be refunded once the Cheer Fit Kit is returned to us. The $200.00 includes two-week rental for one set of tops and one set of skirts or bottoms, ground shipping to and from Cheerleading Company (express shipping available for an additional non-refundable fee; please see express shipping rates below), handling and garment care as all fit kits are thoroughly washed and sanitized after each use. Additional fit kits of shoes, tees, warmups, half tops, and many more are also available for an additional charge. We have many varieties of Cheer Fit Kits available for your convenience!
  • 3. Schedule your fitting and follow our easy instructions! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the fitting process!


Order early for fast production time and Fit Kit availability!


How To Classic Cheer Video  How To CC Fusion Cheer Video  How To CC Dancewear Video

Please note: Due to the popularity of our convenient Cheer Fit Kits, we request that you return the Cheer Fit Kit within two weeks from the time of receipt as other teams may need your Cheer Fit Kit. This will ensure full return of the refundable deposit amount. Your $200.00 refundable deposit includes a complimentary two week rental of the Fit Kit. A $75.00 per week rental fee will be assessed for each week beyond the initial two week rental period. After 4 weeks, you will be charged for the retail value of your Fit Kit. When you have sized your team, please return the Fit Kit with the enclosed, pre-paid UPS Return Shipping Label.

We regret that we are unable to ship your completed uniforms until your fit kit is returned to us.


Measuring Your Team


No time for a fit kit? No problem! It’s easy to measure your team members! Just grab your measuring tape and follow the easy instructions below!

Check out these videos to help you size your team.

Sizing Help Video for Cheer

Sizing Help Video for Dance

Sizing Help Video for CC Fusion

Before you begin:

  • • If you need a measuring tape, check Amazon. They have many options available for quick shipping!
  • • Have your team members wear a bathing suit, or undergarments (sports bra/briefs) when measuring.
  • • Have the same person measure all team members if possible. Do not have individual team members measure themselves. It is okay to have parents measure at this time as we are practicing social distancing. Please send them the instructions below.
  • • Please measure to the nearest inch; all decimal measurements will be rounded up to the nearest inch.
  • • Keep in mind that minor alterations, done locally, might be needed for the best fit once you receive your uniform. Cheerleading.com does not provide alterations but we do provide generous seam allowances in most of our garments to allow for easy alterations.
  • • Use THIS SHEET to record your measurements and sizes and send to your rep.



Basic measurements (bust, waist, hips, top and skirt lengths) are needed for most custom uniforms. Start with these measurements, then view our size charts to determine which size to order. If you need help determining which size chart to use, please contact our sales team – call us today at 214.343.3333, submit our contact us form, or click on the chat feature in the bottom right corner.

1. Bust/Chest: Measure completely around the body at the fullest point of the bust/chest, under the arms, with tape straight across the back and arms by side of body.

2. Waist: Measure completely around the narrowest portion of the waist or where the skirt will most likely be worn.

3. Hips: Measure completely around the fullest part of the hips (approx. 8" below the natural waistline).

4. Top, Skirt, and Dress Length: We recommend using our standard, long or short top and skirt lengths listed in our size charts as a guideline to determine top length. The majority of our customers go with our standard lengths. If you have more specific lengths in mind, please see our “Specialized Sizing Information” Section below or contact one of our helpful sales representatives to discuss your order.

Sizing Diagram

After you have the basic measurements listed above, please see our size charts to choose your size. If you are sizing for a Bow to Toe package or Classic Cheer Uniform package, you will use our Polyester Top and Elastic Waist Skirt size charts found on this page.

Specialized Sizing Information:

  • More information about top length measurements: To determine the Top Length measurement, measure from the tip of the most prominent bone at the base of the neck to where you want the top to hit on your backside. Please keep in mind where you will be wearing your skirt when measuring this length, especially if you are with a school or organization that does not permit the stomach to show. We recommend our standard length for most team members but do offer longer lengths if needed.
  • More information about skirt length measurements: Our skirt length is measured from the bottom of the waistband to the edge of the skirt, and from the natural waistline to the bottom edge of mid- rise skirts. Measure in back from the natural waistline over the backside to the desired length on leg. Please give length in whole inch increments (ex: 12", not 11 ½"). The waistband is not included in skirt length.
  • Inseam and Arm Length Measurements: These measurements are only needed when ordering custom pants and custom long sleeve tops.
  • Inseam (needed only for men’s pants and custom polyester warm-ups): Measure from the inside of the leg beginning at the crotch seam and measure down the leg to the desired length. We recommend that uniform shoes be worn to determine the proper inseam.
  • Arm Length (needed only for custom half tops and long sleeve tops): When ordering custom half tops and long sleeve tops, we recommend standard sleeve length or long sleeve length. See our size charts below. All Sleeve Lengths come in standard lengths. Sleeve Lengths on long sleeve SpiritFlex tops may be ordered as standard or long (STD + 2"). Our arm length is measured from the end of the clavicle to the outer fold of the wrist with the arm slightly outstretched and elbow straight. To find the end of the clavicle, feel the bone at the top of the shoulder. Follow this toward the arm until you reach the indentation indicating where the arm and shoulder meet. Measure from this point, down the top of the extended arm with straight elbow, to the outer fold of the wrist, which can the found by bending hand upward, palm down, so that the finders are trying to point upward toward the ceiling.
  • Measuring Instructions for Mid-Rise skirts: Measure skirt lengths for all Mid-Rise skirts from the natural waist. Because of the mid-rise nature of these skirts, the body of all Mid-Rise skirts will measure 1" shorter than the provided measured skirt length (not including waistband). FIT KITS RECOMMENDED FOR MID-RISE SKIRTS.



  • • Cheerleaders and Dancers grow! Hold fittings as close to the time of ordering as possible, and take potential growth into account when determining the size to order.
  • • Cheerleading Company's CUSTOM uniforms are manufactured to standard sizing charts. Measurements are taken to determine which standard size will be the best possible fit. Garments are not manufactured to fit an individual's exact measurements, however we are able to customize the top length and skirt length on most garments.
  • • As with any standard-size garment, some alterations may be necessary for the best fit. We offer a generous seam allowance on most garments to allow for easy alterations if needed. Alterations and alteration costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Cheerleading Company does not provide alterations. Since each garment is individually cut and sewn, Cheerleading Company allows small tolerances in the length and width of garments. Garments may measure up to ± ½" of the specified length and ± ½" of the specified bust/chest or waist size.



  • • We know coaches are busy, and we save you time! Our manufacturing system prints each team member's name on the garment tag inside the uniform. When you receive your order, you will be able to easily identify which uniform belongs to which team member without any additional paperwork. If you are a team that loans uniforms out each season, we can number the tags, helping you assign them out and check them in at the end of the season.
  • • Get your accessories fast! In most cases, accessory items will be shipped out ahead of the uniform order, allowing you to distribute these items ahead of time. The uniforms will follow shortly after you receive the accessory items.
  • • Our delivery time is the fastest in the industry! We publish our up-to-date current manufacturing time on our website. All of our uniforms are proudly made in the USA at our Dallas, Texas manufacturing facility! Please allow for extra manufacturing time during the months of August and September.
  • • We are committed to quality, fast delivery, and outstanding service. We want you to be happy with the entire ordering process! See what our customers say about us – Click here!


Call us today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form, and let us service all of your Cheerleading needs. We are celebrating our 20th year in 2020 of #madeinusa and #spiritdefined!



Need a hard copy of our most current catalog? Please click here to request your free copy. We are also happy to send color swatches to confirm your team colors. Call us today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form with your mailing address and color swatch requests. 



Uniform Size Charts

Custom Uniforms (Bow-to-Toe Packages, Classic Cheer, Competition, CC Dancewear Tops)
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Body Basics Size Charts

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Campwear Size Charts

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Mesh Jersey Tops
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Poly Skort

Warmup Size Charts

Rival & Victory Warmups
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If you have any questions, call us today at 214.343.3333 or submit our contact us form. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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