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The Nfinity Evolution is a high-performance competition shoe designed to provide superior flexibility and support during elite stunts. At just 6.5 oz, the form-fitting design provides a "slipper-esque", ultra lightweight feel. It also features strategically located rubber outsole pods improving the durability in high wear areas without compromising performance.

IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE: We recommend when ordering Nfinity cheer shoes to order 1 to 2 sizes larger than you normally wear.

Signature Nfinity® Shoe Case in Red
6.5oz - Feather light
NfiniFit™ in the forefoot for a natural fit around the toes and impact area
Ankle Loc™Technology enhances the heel fit around the ankle
Rubber outsole pods for extended durability
Low profile design in the midsole to improve flexibility and performance
Leather and Sateen upper for superior support and breathability
Ergonomically designed insole to match the contours under the foot for superior comfort, arch support and enhanced cushioning
Bubble laces for an additional secure fit
Designed to meet the athlete's performance needs on a Spring Floor

Shoe Returns/Exchanges: Shoes may only be returned/exchanged if they are clean, unworn and in the original undamaged shoebox. Please do not write, tape, or affix postage to the shoe box. If shoes appear to be worn, they will be returned to you, and you will be responsible for payment. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing of returns/exchanges. We will not accept returns/exchanges of items not in resalable condition.

Nfinity Evolution

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