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Your team will look great and stay warm on the sidelines, while showing their spirit in this cold weather accessory packages.  Great for fans in the stands to show their colors.  The variety of colors makes it easy to coordinate with your favorite team.

Cold Weather Accessory Package #28
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Warmup Scarf
Sport-Tek® Spectator Scarf


Cheer on your favorite team in this fringed scarf. Stay warm on the sidelines or in the stands while showing your team spirit.  Coordinates with our Spectator Beanie (ABS20) and Spectator Gloves (AGLS01). 

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Warmup Beanie
Sport-Tek® Spectator Beanie


Available in several team colors with a raised double stripe, this beanie is perfect for any fan.  Keep warm on the sidelines or in the stands.

Coordinates with our Spectator Scarf (AFS02) and Spectator Gloves (AGLS01). 

Ships in 1-3 business days.


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Warmup Gloves
Sport-Tek® Spectator Gloves


No need to shed your gloves to use your smartphone or tablet. These colorful touchscreen-friendly gloves have a conductive thread in the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of each hand, so you can root for your favorite team while staying in touch with other fans. Coordinates with our Spectator Beanie (ABS20) and Spectator Scarf (AFS02).   Minimum order 3 pair. 
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