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Ordering Imprinted Spirit Items

How to Order Custom Imprinted Spirit Items:

1. Choose your style, color and quantity.

2. If you have your own artwork, e-mail your artwork to We recommend limiting your artwork to one-color for the best look. If you would like us to set up your artwork, please fax a drawing to us at 800-411-0842. Please be sure to include your name, address, telephone number with area code and fax number with area code and e-mail address. **Additional artwork fees may apply if you are providing your own artwork. Please see our artwork guidelines below.** We will contact you before continuing with your order to advise of any additional artwork setup or cleanup fees.
There is an additional $50.00 die charge/setup fee per color, per side for all imprinted items. This covers the cost of setting up the die cast for printing. The setup fee does not apply for reorders. For example: if you have printing on two sides, there would be two die charges.


We are happy to provide a quote for you before you order, please contact us at or by calling 800.411.4105. Once your order is placed and paid, we will fax a proof to you for your approval. Please return your approved fax to us promptly so that we can continue production.

For a COMPLETE LIST of FONTS available for custom items, please click here.

To view our STOCK MASCOTS available for imprint, please click here.

For some basic artwork ideas, please click here.

3. You can either fax, call in or e-mail your order to us. Be sure to include your payment and shipping information if you send the order by fax or by e-mail. Fax your order to 800-411-0842 or e-mail your order to


Notes about ordering:

Manufacturing time for custom imprinted items is 2-3 weeks. Manufacturing time does not include shipping time. If you need to upgrade your shipping to 3-Day, 2nd day or Overnight, please contact us for a shipping quote. Please feel free to call us at 800-411-4105 if we can answer any questions for you. Order carefully as imprinted items are not returnable or exchangeable.


Artwork Guidelines for Imprinted Items

Artwork: Black on white, spot color-separated, camera-ready artwork is required. If artwork is not camera-ready, typesetting and/or art charges will apply. Four color process art is not acceptable. All images submitted are printed as is unless otherwise specified. It is your responsibility to have all images proofed and adjusted to your satisfaction before submission. All artwork is to be supplied at highest possible resolution. Faxed artwork is not acceptable. Bad artwork will not look any better after it is reproduced.

Typesetting Charge: $62.50(V)/ hour, quarter hour minimum.


Art Creation/Clean-Up Charge: $65.00(V)/hour, half hour minimum.


Halftones: 55 line screen at 100%, with 25%-75% shading.


Copy Change: $15.00(V)


Ink Color Change: $15.00M


Paper Proofs: $15.00(V)/Proof. Paper Proofs are sent only on request and are required on all typesetting and orders of 5,000 or more and electric art without a hard copy supplied. Cheerleading Company is not responsible for any errors on approved paper proofs.


Color Match: Exact color match is not available. Colors will be produced within a few shades of color requested.


Electronic Art: Electronic art must be 11 black only, color-separated artwork. We accept electronic art via 3.5 floppy, CD, DVD, and e-mail. Disks can be PC or Mac formatted. Disks will only be returned on request. Our e-mail address is


Cheerleading Company preferred formats are: flattened or layered PSD, TIFF, JPEG, EPS or PDF files created in Adobe Photoshop™ or Adobe Illustrator™. We've found these formats are very color stable (with the use of profiles), and have the lowest chance of encountering problems (missing fonts, corrupted fonts, live effects, etc.).


We also have the ability to accommodate a wide range of industry software, and can currently process files from the following programs.


Adobe Photoshop™
Adobe Illustrator™
Adobe InDesign™
Adobe Acrobat™


For a COMPLETE LIST of FONTS available for custom items, please click here.


If the artwork is not available in these formats, we can also accept some artwork in GIF or BMP file formats. File compression is not recommended. Always include a hard copy of artwork with order. If artwork is emailed, please fax a hard copy. If a hard copy is not supplied, a paper proof will be required.


Trademarks: The names, artwork, designs, logos and trademarks or similar reproduced throughout this catalog are solely intended to show the type and quality of imprinted products available. It does not imply a product/service endorsement by Cheerleading Company, nor does it imply an endorsement of Cheerleading Company by the respective owners of the marks. By placing an order with Cheerleading Company, you represent and warrant that you have the right to order, purchase and distribute merchandise containing the names, artwork, designs, logos, trademarks or similar identified in your order. The distributor also agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cheerleading Company and its parent company, MSV Management, Inc., from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising out of or related to an actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right of such merchandise. This provision will continue to remain in effect after the delivery of your order. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.