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Helpful Sizing Tips for our Custom Uniforms

  • Cheerleaders grow! Hold fittings as close to the time of ordering as possible, and take potential growth into account when determining the size to order.
  • Cheerleading Company's CUSTOM uniforms are manufactured to standard sizing charts. Measurements are taken to determine which standard size will be the best possible fit. Garments are not manufactured to fit an individual's exact measurements, however we are able to customize the top length and skirt length on most garments.
  • As with any standard-size garment, some alterations may be necessary for the best fit. We offer a generous seam allowance on most garments to allow for easy alterations if needed. Alterations and alteration costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Cheerleading Company does not provide alterations. Since each garment is individually cut and sewn, Cheerleading Company allows small tolerances in the length and width of garments. Garments may measure up to ± ½" of the specified length and ± ½" of the specified bust/chest or waist size.

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