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Nfinity Halo Defiance Shoe

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Score: 3.93. Votes: 92
Score: 3.93. Votes: 92
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  • Patrice Cranston
    Nov 11, 2017, 12:27
    Great shoes wish I could find them in a Nine.
  • Leiana Fehnel
    Oct 26, 2017, 12:05
    The nifinity halo shoes are the best for cheerleading. These shoes help me jump, tumble, and stunt without my feet hurting. The halo shoes are great for jumps in cheer because the padding in the shoes help athletes land soft and jump high. They help you tumble lightly on your feet with a delicate landing. They help stunt with the bottom of the shoes, which will help you stay in place without falling. These three help a cheerleader be comfortable and safe. I love these shoes so much. When I’m on the competition floor I feel safe and wonderful. These shoes help me glide softly but fast from one place to another. I give these shoes five out of 5. If you buy these you will be impressed.