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Items Under $20
Bow to Toe PAX Upgrades
CHEER UP with our fabulous UPGRADES! From metallic striping and poms
to our fabulous bow collection, we make upgrades EASY!
Upgrades to Bow to Toe PAX! Upgrade Price per Pax!
Body Basics Upgrades
Boy Cut Briefs (BC), Regular Rise Briefs (BT). INCLUDED IN PAX FOR 2014!
Low Rise Briefs (BTLR), Low Rise Boy-Cut Briefs (BCLR) $1.00
ZEBRA Briefs (style LRBCZ) $10.00
Metallic Briefs (style LRBTM), Metallic Boy Cut Briefs (style LRBCM) $7.00
SparkleFlex Sequin-like Briefs (style LRBCM) $12.00
Other Animal Print Briefs (style BCZ) $17.00
Custom-made Special Material Briefs (p.83R) $13.00
Full Bodysuit with snap crotch(BNTNS) $2.00
Custom-Made Special Material Half Top (pg. 82G) $17.00
Custom Matching SpiritFlex Halftop with Stripes or Panels  $40.00 and up depending on style
Pom Upgrades
Spirit Handle Stock Plastic Poms NO UPGRADE - While Supplies Last!
Metallic Poms - Solid Stock with XMPOM Codes only. $4.00 per package
Custom Color Combination Plastic Poms $6.00 per package
Wide Streamer Plastic Poms $10.00 per package
Glitter poms with 1-color glitter $10.00 per package
Metallic Poms - Custom Colors $22.00 and up per package,  depending on style
Shoe Upgrades
SACY7 - ASICS Cheer 7 $20.00
SACY6 - ASICS Cheer 6 $14.00
SK6310 - Kaepa Prism $8.00
SK70 - Kaepa Stellarlyte $33.01
SK6557 - Kaepa Touch $33.01
SK6369 - Kaepa Elevate $26.00
SK60 - Kaepa Starlyte $25.00
SK6366 - Kaepa Spark $24.00

SZ15 - Zephz Thunder $27.96
SZ19 - Zephz Butterfly Lite $25.96
SZ021 - Zephz Stratoscheer $40.96
S901 - NO LIMIT Tumbling Adrenaline Lite $41.00
S903 - NO LIMIT Tumbling All Leather Adrenaline $31.00
SN03 - NFINITY Evolution $61.00
SN09 - NFINITY Gameday $51.00
SN10 - NFINITY Vengeance $71.00
Sock Upgrades
Tall Crazy Socks $6.00
Breast Cancer Awareness Socks $6.00
Bow Upgrades
HBS1Q-S - Sequin Bow with Soft Tails $2.00 - A great and affordable way to add some "bling" to your uniform!
ACHBS3-S - Large Three Layer Short Tail Zebra Stock Bow $4.00
AHB008-S - Large Holoflex Short Tail Bow $8.00
We can upgrade to any of our other featured bows. CALL or E-MAIL
Solid Zebra Print Stock Bow (AHBZ1) $1.00
Campwear Upgrades
Custom Imprinted - White T-Shirt (CCSTS), minimum order 12 $6.00
Custom Imprinted - Color T-Shirt (CCSTS), minimum order 12 $9.00
Custom Imprinted - Fitted Tee (CCSFT), minimum order 12 $10.00
Custom Imprinted - Boyfriend Tank (CCS18), minimum order 12 $11.00
Custom Imprinted - Sleeve Stripe Jersey Tee (CCS009), minimum order 12 $15.00
Custom Imprinted - Storm Jersey (CCS135), minimum order 12 $19.00
Custom Imprinted - Motion Jersey (CCS504), minimum order 12 $21.00
Printed Zebra Soffe Shorts (CSS-ZBR) $3.00
Reversible Sassy Shorts (CSA98) $9.00
Soffe Shorty Shorts (CSS081) $9.00
Sprint Shorts (CSA33) $12.00
Adrenaline Shorts (CSA126) $12.00
Velocity Shorts (CSB62) $14.00
Cheer Skort (CA751) $19.00
Bag Upgrades
CB1915 Backpack $7.00
CB156 - Duffle $14.00
CB1740- Flare Bag $12.00
CB102-S - Challenger Bag $13.00
Metallic Striping/Lettering Upgrades
Metallic Striping and Lettering ($5.00 each piece: shell, skirt, lettering) $15.00
Metallic Striping Only $10.00
2-Color Lettering designs not shown in TCPAX $5.00
3-Color Lettering $10.00 and up depending on design.
Stretchy Lettering - Super Saver $10.00 and up depending on design.
Stretchy Lettering - Regular $22.00 and up depending on design.
Add-on Twill Stars, Megaphones, Paws $7.50 and up depending on design.
Skirt Upgrades
Zipper Waist Skirt for any of existing skirt styles in TCPAX $5.00
18ECH5 Skirt $25.00
17ECH5 Skirt (Twister or Gladiator Skirts) $45.00
Upgrade to TOTAL or PLATINUM Package skirt fromSILVER Package $15.00
Upgrade toGOLD Package skirt fromSILVER Package $10.00
Upgrade toTOTAL or PLATINUM Package skirt fromGOLD Package $5.00
Shell Upgrades
Upgrade to TOTAL or PLATINUM Package shell fromSILVER Package $15.00
Upgrade toGOLD Package shell fromSILVER Package $10.00
Upgrade toTOTAL or PLATINUM Package shell fromGOLD Package $5.00
Upgrade to FAST PAX Shell from Silver Package $70.00 and up depending on style.
Upgrade to FAST PAX Shell from Gold Package $60.00 and up depending on style.
Upgrade to FAST PAX Shell from Total or Platinum Package $50.00 and up depending on style.
Warmup Upgrades
Olympian Warmup $35.00
Medalist Warmup $18.00
Polyester Warmup on pg. 20 or pg. 47 $66.00
Add a BNHT Half Top $12.99
Add a BNTNS Bodysuit $14.99
Add aSOFFE Warmup! $40.00
Add a 19" Megaphone! $17.99
Add Leggings! $22.99

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